Intelligo Solutions is an independent skills development provider specialising in legislated training requirements in the Short Term and Long-Term Insurance Industries, Motor Retail Finance, and qualifications for the Services and Debt Recovery Industries.
We also offer extended services to all industries for short courses relating to Soft Skills, Education Training and Development Skills. The methods of learning offered are learnerships, skills programmes, distance Pure or Blended eLearning and paper based.

We have developed this METHOD OF LEARNING for ease of learning as eLearning can occur in or out of the classroom. It can be self-paced or may be instructor-led. It is suited to distance learning and in conjunction with face-to-face teaching, which is termed blended learning.

INSETA, FASSET and MERSETA have approved the Intelligo online platform as a METHOD OF LEARNING to complete the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) aligned qualifications Intelligo has received scope for from these SETA’s.

The platform also provides learning opportunity for short courses and blended online learning for certain SAQA qualifications. In terms of pure online METHOD OF LEARNING the student will complete the formative and summative assessments online and blended online the student will down load and print the assessments tools. The short courses provide pure online including simulated tests.

We also offer End User License agreements to develop generic or customised platforms.

To procure a culture of service excellence aligned to the values of treating our employees, colleagues, customers and learners ethically, fairly and honestly.
The INTELLIGO teamwork will stimulate our strengths and add value to our customers learning experiences thereby empowering our learners to achieve successful results for both the organisation and the individual and to promote skills development in Southern Africa, through classroom facilitation, distance learning and e-learning.
· To meet our customer’s skills development needs aligned to the legislation that governs the applicable industry in which INTELLIGO operates.
· To be open, honest, accountable in our communication with our customers and learners.
· To create an environment that is interactive and transparent to constructive feedback.
· To empower people through interactive learning and to encompass the diversity of Southern Africa and adult learning principles

Minimize work day productivity loss – reduce employee stress during working hours.
Accessible 24/7 (Wi-Fi or data) plus off line ability. Authenticated login.
SETA approved method of learning
“My tracker” tracks the number of time spent per chapter including notional hours.

INSETA, FASSET AND MERSETA approval to run eLearning learnerships
The logbook will still be completed in hard copy format. Unemployed learners – blended method including facilitated classroom sessions and the learner can complete the Formative and Summative assessments online. Employed learners – blended method including facilitated classroom sessions and the learner can complete the Formative and Summative assessments online.
Employed learners – Distance method of learning, the learner will attend a 1 day orientation session and complete the Formative and Summative assessments online. Unfunded employed learners – who have achieved the minimum 60 FAIS fit and proper credits. Distance method of learning, the learner will attend a 1day orientation session and complete the Formative and Summative assessments online.
The learner registration form is aligned to the National Learner Database format and the learner is responsible to keep this updated.
Off line ability – the learner can export the learning material content for preparation when there is no access to internet. This will allow the learner to prepare to complete the formative assessment online and prepare for the summative closed book assessment.

Summative Assessment are overseen by an invigilator. Assessment, Moderation and verification are all recorded online. The SETA verifier will verify the selected learner records online. Submission of formative assessments during the semester will be assessed within 48 working hours of notice. Learner must notify Intelligo by email on completion of formative assessment.

The eLearning platform is accessible on 15 search engines. The eLearning platform is accessible on all smart phones and tablets. 3 month semesters per annum commencing on 1 January each year. Pay as you enrol per semester –Can enrol during the semester. Live chat assistance during working days/hours – email records for learning and Intelligo Email, telephone, TeamViewer assistance during working hours. Skype coaching. Multi-device access. here are no bandwidth requirements but it is advisable for the learner to have a steady data connection in order to complete the assessments.

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