Lyceum College educates students in the specific areas of Business, Education, Fleet Management and Public Safety Studies. The college is dedicated to providing academic content that meets the needs of the students, as determined by these evolving industries.

Lyceum provides Higher Education distance learning in the focus areas of Business, Traffic and Police Management, Fleet Management and Education. Lyceum courses combine Higher Education values with an innovative approach, flexible delivery, ensuring the best possible chance of success for every student. Lyceum constantly updates and improves their study material to make it easier for students to succeed in their studies and thereby improve their career prospects.

Business Studies

Lyceum’s School of Business Studies offers a BCom degree, as well as diplomas and certificates in fields such as General and Financial Management, Public Relations, Accounting, Public Administration, Marketing, Human Resources and many more.

Public Safety Studies

Lyceum’s School of Public Safety Studies offers an advanced diploma, diplomas and certificates in fields such as Traffic and Metropolitan Policing, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement for Media Relations, as well as various Short Learning Programmes.

Fleet Management

Lyceum’s School of Fleet Management offers a certificate and diploma course in this essential field.

School of Educators

Lyceum’s School of Educators offers Short Learning Programmes in the fields of Economic and Management Sciences, Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

Product Development and Accreditation

Lyceum College owns 100% of their academic content, which is developed and created by subject matter experts. All Lyceum’s programmes are accredited by the Council on Higher Education and all content development is based on the accredited syllabus.

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